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Dear Spacer

Hello! Hi! I'm really excited for space_swap, and I hope that my request(s) and the details below the cut make you excited too! :DDD

In general, there are a few things I'm always interested in:

  • LADIES. Female characters hanging out, having adventures, being friends enemies and everything in-between. (I'm not always good at writing it, which may be part of why I look for it so much in requests.)

  • ~*~Crossovers~*~ If you can find a way to make two of my requested fandoms meet (which, considering three are canonically related, probably wouldn't be too hard), that would make my day. Fusions, where characters from Canon A coexist with characters from Canon B in Canon B, are also some of my favorite things.

  • Genfic. I'm not at all interested in sexual content in my fic, and my interest in romance is mostly relegated to the oblivious/pining trope and related pre-relationship UST and misunderstandings. Canon pairings existing in the background is fine, but I'm not interested in an A-plot romance unless otherwise stated.

Firefly, any medium: River Tam, Inara Serra, Kaylee Frye, Zoe Washburne
I'm really open to any type of work in this fandom! Whatever you want to make, however you want to make it - but I'd really like whatever it is to be ladies-centric. A girls-only conjob or a Girl(s) Saves Boy(s) thing would be great, but I'd also love Ladies' Night in Inara's Shuttle or something else along those lines.

If you're interested in a particularly obscure/weird request, though, I have some ideas about a Firefly fusion with Deep Space Nine that I'd love to see fic or art for. My thoughts, along with some discussion with others on the topic, can be found at this tag on my tumblr.

Green Lantern: the Animated Series, fanart or fanfiction: Aya, Mogo, Hal Jordan, Razer (GLTAS)
Fic or art for GLTAS will make my day! A post-series Aya&team reunion (with fluffy Razaya somewhere in there) would be nice - or something exploring how less typical GLs like Mogo and Aya got their rings/interact with civilians or other GLs/whatever! Blue Lantern!Razer is my favorite thing in the world, but any alt!ring ideas you have for anybody would be great to see.

(I'd've included more characters if more had been nominated, especially Kilowog and Saint Walker, but I wasn't comfortable with checking off the "Any character" box for this show. By which I mean to say: don't feel limited to the list up there, okay? Add in just about anyone else from the show, or adapt a comics/other cartoon!GL to GLTAS, and I'll be pleased.)

As crossovers go, Hal-meets-Kirk seems obvious, but that's just because it works so well. (A fusion with Star Trek along those lines wouldn't go amiss either.)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, fanart or fanfiction: Tora Ziyal, Nog (Star Trek), Jake Sisko, Alexander Rozhenko
I love Deep Space Nine dearly. And while I'm a fan of just about all the characters in the cast, what I'm more interested in from a DS9 piece is stuff about the station's younger characters! You don't have to include all of the characters listed, and can add others if you like - one-off characters, Molly O'Brien tagging along after them, some of the Bajoran children who attended Keiko's school must've been on the station at some point after that, whoever - I'd just like to see hanging out on DS9. Bonding out of necessity? That's how Jake and Nog started out, so why not other friendships?

Ship-wise, I like bro-ish Jake/Nog and author&artist Jake/Ziyal, which is enough of a rare pair that I'd love to receive something centered on them/their get-together, but neither ship needs to be present for me to like what you've made.

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, any medium: Christine Chapel, Carol Marcus, Navigation Officer Darwin, Nyota Uhura
Another ~ladies~ fandom here! Like with Firefly, I'll take anything you want to make, so long as it's women-centric. (Gaila and rebooted!Rand and T'Pring are also invited, if you like.) I'm really taken with the idea of a friendship developing between Carol and Uhura post-STID, the friendship implied to exist between Christine and Carol - heck, even just something where Darwin and Uhura's histories are compared would be cool! I read Darwin as African American vs. Uhura's pseudocanonical United States of Africa/Bantu origins, but whatever history you prefer for them is fine by me.

Please don't mention/involve the Kirk/Chapel hookup. I have very specific headcanons about that, and probably won't enjoy anything that invokes it in a way that differs from those. (As far as these ladies go, I ship Chapel/Marcus and Marcus/Uhura a little, but also ship Marcus/McCoy surprisingly intensely and Kirk/Spock/Uhura a fair amount, so... whatever's fine, really. c:)

I'm really taken with the idea of the AOS Enterprise interacting with any TOS Enterprise, if you'd like to try a crossover. (I've written it a couple times, usually involving Generations and therefore making it mainly about Kirk, so I'd love to see a female-centric take on the idea.)

Star Trek: The Original Series, fanfiction: Any characters
I love TOS, and I'm really not picky about the characters you write about. Major characters are great! Minor characters are great! Female characters are great! Characters of color are great! Aliens are great! You get the idea.

If you really wanted to make my day, you'd write something involving a) Trelane as a Q! (As Q's son if you're being especially generous.) b) Tellarites! c) a male Enterprise crew member rewritten as a female or transgender character! or d) Trials and Tribble-ations, with TOS characters interacting with/seeing the DS9 characters running around.

But I get that most of those are a bit too specific for an exchange like this, so I want you to know I'd also love fic about characters hanging out outside work hours, especially those that canonically are friends - Sulu&Chekov, Uhura&Rand, etc. Show me how their friendships developed in their downtime!

Thank you so much for making... whatever you're making for me! I hope you enjoy it, that one or more of my suggestions above sparked your imagination, and I can't wait to see the end result! :D
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