Meredith (gladdecease) wrote in glad_fics,

But while I'm on the subject of updating, can I interest you in some actual writing updates?

  • I think there's been six or seven short fics added to the DS9/SPN universe masterpost? Highlights include two snippets of "The Wire" adaptation, "Profit and Lace" going slightly different (and not in Quark's favor), and Kira-as-Jimmy Novak!

  • Also I wrote Welcome to Night Vale fic? Which is also a crossover with Magic School Bus because once the idea that Carlos might be Carlos got in my head it found it liked it there and decided to never leave.

  • Also there was a queer_fest fic involving NCIS? Stressful to write, a little clunky (imo) to read, but it does exactly what I wanted to do with the prompt, so I'm satisfied.

  • Also way back when STID came out I wrote a character study comparing TOS Carol to AOS Carol. I still really like it.

I think that's about everything that people have responded to positively of late. (Though of course there have been other things. Including one that technically shouldn't be on AO3 yet, but I clicked "post" instead of "preview" and was so tired of editing I just went SCREW IT. But shh, you won't officially know about that until Friday.)
Tags: f: ncis, f: star trek xi, f: welcome to night vale, fic: far beyond the morning stars
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