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Master Post: Amorphous

Title: Amorphous
Author: gladdecease
Artist: angelicfoodcake
Disclaimer: In a Venn Diagram of "Good Omens writers" and "Supernatural producers", there is nothing in the intersection, and certainly not me.
Set: Long, long after The Book for Good Omens. Sometime after "My Bloody Valentine", with tiny references to "The Devil You Know" for Supernatural.
Rating: T
Word Count: 15,426
Character/Pairing(s): Dean, Sam, Castiel, Becky, Zachariah (briefly), Chuck (briefly) of Supernatural. Aziraphale, Adam (briefly) of Good Omens. Crowley of both.
Warnings: Abstract reference to muddy violence. Strong language.
Summary: Something has been following Dean. In their efforts to find out what and how to stop it, the Winchester brothers learn more about the turncoat demon Crowley than they'd ever expected.
Link to Art: Art master post is HERE.
Author's Note(s): Extensive, spoilery-for-fic author's notes can be found at the end of the fic. Otherwise, I want to thank angelicfoodcake for the art - it looks amazing, you should really check it out! I'd also like to thank the mods at sncross_bigbang for putting everything together, and for trusting that I would finish on time; somehow, I did!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Or, if that's your preference, you can read the fic on AO3.
Tags: co: sncross_bigbang, f: good omens, f: supernatural, fic: amorphous, type: crossover, type: multiparter, wc: 5000+
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