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The Bathroom Scandal

Series Title: On Keeping Secrets
Title: The Bathroom Scandal
Challenge: 022 - Hide (50scenes)
Character: Edogawa Conan (PoV character), Burton Guster, Buzz McNab
Notes: The only Japanese you should come across is in suffixes and titles, and only in Japanese or Conan's thoughts.

Keiji - Police officer

...I'm really sorry for this chapter. Really, I am.


"Mr. Östbuster?" Conan says with all the childish anxiety and frustration he can manage. "I have to go."

The dark-skinned man frowns. "Conan, we can't leave the building. Your friend and her dad are still in here."

"No," Conan whines, dragging out the vowels like an expert. He really hopes this guy gets a clue; if he has to do the potty dance this guy might just get an accidental knock-out dart to the neck. "I have to go."

"G-oh." A pained look crosses the man's face. Presumably he gets it, but wishes he didn't. "I see. Well, the bathroom is down the hall here, let me show you." It's not far away from the interrogation room, and Conan is quickly developing a plan of action. It hinges on one thing he isn't sure of, though: does this man have any idea of what's appropriate in Japanese culture? Hopefully not.

Conan pushes the door open, and the man moves to follow him. He looks uncertain, and Conan takes advantage. A horrified expression on his face, he whispers, "You want go in the bathroom with me?" like it's the most disgusting thing he could imagine.

Taking two giant steps backwards, the man shakes his head repeatedly, either saying, "No, no, of course not," or "I am so sorry, I didn't mean to--" The door swings shut between them, hiding Conan's wide grin from any audience.

But this is no time to gloat. Moving quickly, he ducks inside one of the stalls and waits. Soon enough, the door opens, and he catches a pleased voice saying, "Hi Gus!" to their mutual friend out in the hall. Conan peeks out of the stall to see a tall man with dark hair smiling at the mirror and washing his hands. Aiming quickly, and thanking his instincts that he'd brought extra darts along from the beachhouse, he knocks the man out. He slumps over the sink, still grinning.

Conan jumps up and shut off the water easily enough, but moving the police officer is another thing entirely. He's a very tall man, and not all that skinny. Still, after a few minutes of struggle, and without anyone else coming in, Conan manages to get him into the stall and seated.

Now the hard part. Adjusting his bowtie's frequency, Conan tests out a few pitches before he gets one that sounds about right. He has to work at speaking with the man's upbeat tone, but thinks it sounds convincing when he calls out, "Hey, Gus? Could you come in here?"

Gus (whose last name is hopefully not actually Östbuster, or Conan will feel really guilty about presuming it was a pseudonym) opens the door and looks inside. "Did you need something, Buzz?" he asks uncertainly.

"Uh, yeah," Conan replies in Buzz's (good lord, what kind of name is that?) voice. "Could you come in the stall? I need some help."

"Alright..." Gus opens the stall door and looks inside. He frowns at the sight of Buzz-keiji, slumped over on the seat. "Buzz? Hey, Buzz?" He shakes the officer's shoulder a bit. "You okay, man?"

Conan, who had been waiting in the next stall over, takes advantage of Gus's moment of confusion to fire his dart again. It hits, and Gus has only a moment to slur incoherently before he falls on top of Buzz, out cold.

Even though Gus is shorter, he proves more difficult to move. After struggling with him, and knowing that he doesn't have much time before they wake up, he just leaves Gus sitting on Buzz's lap, locking the door before he sneaks out underneath the gap in the stall door.

The entire process takes him about five minutes, which is too long for Conan's tastes. Spencer might have already finished with Kogoro, and he'll have no opportunity to observe him before he starts investigating for himself. He quickly makes his way to the observation room, hoping he hasn't missed his chance.

Tags: co: 50scenes, f: detective conan, f: psych, fic: on keeping secrets, type: crossover, type: multiparter, type: work in progress, wc: 0500-1000
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