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Coming and Going

Series Title: On Keeping Secrets
Title: Coming and Going
Challenge: 038 - Leave (50scenes)
Character: Edogawa Conan (PoV character), Carlton Lassiter, Shawn Spencer
Notes: Spoken Japanese. Spoken English. The only Japanese you should come across is in suffixes and titles, and only in Japanese or Conan's thoughts.

Keibu - Police inspector

Um. I haven't been treating Lassiter well in this story (odd, as he's almost definitely my favorite Psych character). That's probably not going to change any time soon. Shawn kind of constantly badgers the man, and Conan won't be impressed by his lack of superhuman detective abilities. Or his short temper. Huh. That sounds familiar...

And I lied, before. I've totally expanded this crossover, via our OC. I'll be amazed if anyone is familiar with all three of these shows.


They end up waiting for an interpreter to take their statements for the rest of the day--the woman they found was in Los Angeles, finishing up with an unrelated case when the Santa Barbara police contacted her. Her name is Sato Naoko, a sad looking woman who speaks Japanese flawlessly, but has a British accent to her English. Not the same as Hakuba's accent, but it's close, similar. A different part of the country, but not so far that the accents differ as much as Kanto and Kansai accents do.

He tries to identify it more accurately based off of faint memories of Sherlock Holmes movies while Sato-san translates Lassiter-keibu's more and more frustrated questions for a more and more annoyed Kogoro.

"I'm not going to ask you again," Lassiter-keibu says menacingly.

"The detective does not wish to repeat himself," Sato-san translates.

"Then he should quit talking," Kogoro mutters, resting his head tiredly in the palm of his hand.

"Mr Mouri does not want you to have to," she translates again. Conan has a feeling her delicacy in translation is just making both Kogoro and the detective madder. The polite phrasing certainly doesn't match up with their body language, or their tone of voice.

Lassiter-keibu slams a hand down on the table, frustration showing loud and clear across his face. "I--"

Static crackles across the communications system that links the observation room to the interrogation room. "Calm down, Lassie," a male voice says somewhat teasingly. "You'll give yourself a hernia."

Another male voice says, "You can't get a hernia from stress, Shawn."

"Are you sure? Because my dad--"

"Not now, Spencer," Lassiter-keibu shouts at the mirror. He turns around, freezes, then turns back to the mirror. "I locked that door, how the hell did you get in there?"

"Lassie, haven't you ever read the Bible? When one door closes, a window opens."

"That's not in the--" he cuts himself off and sighs, picking up the in-house phone hanging on the wall. "I'm calling McNab down here to escort you out of the building, Spencer, and you'd better not interrupt my investigation again."

"Or what? You'll threaten me from inside a locked room?" Shawn Spencer, as his name appears to be, laughs. "I think you need to kick it up a notch, Lassie, your threats are getting pretty tame."

With a muffled growl, Lassiter-keibu slams the phone down, muttering, "Take care of this myself." He smiles insincerely to Sato-san and Kogoro, says, "Excuse me," and unlocks the door, running out.

A moment later, the man who'd been holding a smoothie at the crime scene walks into the room and locks the door behind him. "Evening, gentleman, lady. Aaaaand...child?" He stares at Conan for a long minute, then looks up at the translator, of all people. "Why exactly is the kid in here too?"

So this is Shawn Spencer.

Conan can't tell if he hates him or not. He's got the annoying-like-Hattori thing going for him, but he's also treating Conan like he's not just a six-year-old, but a mentally deficient six-year-old.

"Because Ran and Sonoko went back to the beach house with Detective O'Hara," Conan chirps, watching this odd detective carefully. "I'm not supposed to be left by myself."

"Well, isn't that...great?" Spencer fakes a smile. Conan stares back, unimpressed.

"Why are you here, mister? I thought Detective Lassiter was supposed to ask Uncle Kogoro questions. Or try to," he adds with child-like tactlessness. "He didn't really seem to ask anything. Just shouted a lot."

Spencer fails to hide laughter behind a cough, finally saying, "He was, but now I'm here. And I'm going to talk to...Uncle Kogoro...for awhile. And you..."


Spencer blinks. "What, like the Barbarian? I can't tell if your parents are really, really weird or really cool." He shakes his head, adding, "No, getting off track. You, Conan, are going to spend some time with my friend Mr. G. Östbuster." A rapid knocking at the locked door starts up, and Spencer smiles. "And here he is now!"

The black man from the crime scene is at the door, mad. He says something quickly in a low voice, which Spencer responds to, which leads to a whisper-argument that culminates in the two men slapping each other on the arm like toddlers having hissy fits, before Öst--whatever his name actually is--finally gives in with a huffed, "Not a babysitter, Shawn!" He turns to Conan with a more sincere smile than Spencer had.

"Hi, Conan. Why don't you come with me while Shawn and your uncle talk...through our lovely translator, of course." He smiles politely to Sato-san, who automatically defers the compliment.

"I'm not supposed to go with strangers, Mr. Östbuster," Conan protests as he's gently pushed out of the room. Inwardly, he's pleased. If he can get away from this guy, maybe into the observation room, he can get an idea of how smart Spencer is. If he's not too sharp, Conan might be able to control the investigation completely. If he's smart...oh man, that would be a pain. Like Hattori that first case, with a language barrier to complicate matters.

Either way, no sense in going into this blind.

As Spencer shows them out with a conspiratorial smile to his companion, Conan hears Kogoro mutter to the translator, "Are all Americans this weird?"

She replies quietly, "Just the ones I've met here." Then, on second thought, adds, "And that one American in Wales."

Tags: co: 50scenes, f: detective conan, f: psych, fic: on keeping secrets, type: crossover, type: multiparter, type: work in progress, wc: 0500-1000
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