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the facts were these...

No, the crossover is not further expanding. though man, the list of Psych crosses I want to do keeps growing...

Series Title: On Keeping Secrets
Title: The Facts Were These...
Challenge: 027 - Waves (50scenes)
Character: Edogawa Conan (PoV character)


What happened, as it turned out, was this:

Sonoko had been playing around, splashing Ran and generally enjoying herself, when she suddenly tripped over something half-buried in the shallows, knocking it loose. Not knowing what it was, Sonoko and Ran paused, and watched in slowly growing horror as a human arm rose to the surface and started to bob in the waves.

They only started to scream when they realized it wasn't attached to a body.

The two of them are wrapped up in some towels Kogoro brought from the beachfront, shivering.

Conan knows that it's not because of a strong breeze, but that's common sense.

What isn't common sense that he knows is that the two Americans with surprisingly high-pitched screams who had been the next to spot the arm aren't as ordinary as they appear.

After he got over his freak out, the darker skinned of the two pulled out his phone and called the police. A normal enough response, but the tone with which he speaks to the officer who picks up is too casual. He's used to working with the police.

The other man, holding a smoothie in one hand, is even stranger. While his friend calls the police, he keeps passerby away from the beach. It's almost fascinating to watch, a scruffy-looking man using casual persuasion to redirect mildly curious eyes--all of it a very talented facade. Conan doesn't know the American police system very well, but the efficient way the odd man diverts civilian attention is nearly identical to the way he's seen officers manage crime scenes in Japan.

The only thing Conan doesn't know just yet is what they really are. Plainclothes officers? That initial reaction doesn't seem appropriate for a police officer, but it could be faked. Why bother, though, if they planned to immediately inform uniformed officers? Maybe private detectives? The reaction still doesn't make sense, but the police familiarity does. Why get the police involved on a private case, though...?

As a red car, siren wailing, approaches the beach, Conan has a feeling he'll be getting an answer soon.

Tags: co: 50scenes, f: detective conan, f: psych, fic: on keeping secrets, type: crossover, type: multiparter, type: work in progress, w: violence (+), wc: 0000-0500
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