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the start of something possibly Epic.

And I bring more weird-as-hell!fic. :DDD?

Primarily Detective Conan, really showing no hint of crossover until the very end (and even then, very vaguely; my icon gives a hint of how). It's going to be sort-of-a-case-fic, once I figure out a case. Until then, expect scenes of character interaction to be posted occasionally. Man, this is what 50scenes is made for, I don't know why I didn't start writing this stuff out until just now.

Series Title: On Keeping Secrets
Title: Getting Started
Challenge: 013 - February (50scenes)
Characters: Edogawa Conan (PoV character)


In all of Conan's travels, both as this younger self and as Shinichi, he's never been on this side of America for long. It's nice, warmer than New York had been; even though it had been summer then, it felt like February. It's summer now, but Ran made him wear a jacket anyway, though that's less because it's cold and more because she worries like that. The concern makes him smile, soft and secretly to himself.

He doesn't understand why Sonoko decided that they should travel here, to this smallish California town. With all her bragging about summer homes in onsen-riddled mountains back in Japan and beach-surrounded villas in Europe, Santa Barbara seems like such an odd choice. But then, she claimed, she wanted her first trip to America to be with Ran.

Which still doesn't explain why none of her family came along. Though, to be fair, Sonoko's family has always been a foreign thing to Conan. Still, surely anyone must be a better traveling companion than Mouri Kogoro? As the man in question giggles to himself and enjoys more of the minibar, Conan sighs. Somebody must be a better traveling companion than him.

Conan sits out on the porch of the beachfront Sonoko had rented for the week, watching the people on the beach. This isn't a very popular tourist spot, from what he could look up before the trip, but the beach is crowded. Ran and Sonoko run around in hardly anything, and he's distracted for a moment by the sight.

Ran, not Sonoko. That would be weird.

He watches as they splash each other, laughing as they stand in waist-deep water. They look happy, and he's glad. It's not often that he, Kogoro, and Ran can successfully get away from home without running into a case, but this idea of Sonoko's seems to be perfect. They're foreigners, surrounded by people that speak a language none most of them can't speak fluently. No one here knows of Mouri Kogoro, great detective (though, back then, no one had known Kudou Shinichi either). There's no reason or way they can possibly get involved in a case.

It's perfect.

Then the happy shouting turns into the kind of terrified screaming Conan is so unfortunately used to. Kogoro jumps up from where he's sitting on the bed, pulls on his pants and fixes his hair, and he hardly looks drunk as he jumps out the door and follows Conan to the beach.

Conan should have known better than to jinx things. Once he thought they were free, a case would come upon them the only way possible--as witnesses, and therefore possible suspects.

The fact that there are four high-pitched screams echoing across the beach instead of two will occur to him later. Right now, he's just hoping he can finish this up and still have time left to enjoy their vacation.

Tags: co: 50scenes, f: detective conan, f: psych, fic: on keeping secrets, type: crossover, type: multiparter, type: work in progress, wc: 0000-0500
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